About us

Leading Manufacturer of Road milling tools and Mulching Tools

Founded in 2010, Wuxi Bausde Machinery  Co., Ltd (short as Bausde in below ) specialize in the design, producing, installing and testing of various Road milling tools ,Foundation drilling Tools ,Trenching tools,Mining Tools ,Mulcher Tooth . The major product including 5 categories as below:

1. Cold Planer Machiner Parts: including Cold Planing bit,Holer ,Skid Shoe ,Belt ,Noozle

2. Mulching Parts: including Mulcher teeth ,Holder

3. Trenching: including Trenching bit

4. Mining:Coal Mining Bit,Iron Mining Bit

5. Foundation drilling Tools , including Bullet Teeth, Holder, Casing teeth ,Welding Bar ,casing tube, Drilling Bucket ,Rock Auger

To ensure product quality, Bausde use advanced tooling equipment like CNC machine, automatically CNC milling machine, automatically Heat Treatment Line. We only choose quality steel from famous steel supplier and the promise is for life.

The quality management system of the Bausde Products Division is registered to ISO 9001:2008. We take pride in our quality management system and the resulting quality in our products and services. Our product comply with Germany 42CRMO4 standard, which help us to export to customers all over the world. We have export to thousands of projects to USA, UK, Germany, France, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Algeria, Tanzania, Somali Australia,New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, U.A.E, Oman…etc

We are continually seeking and striving for improved customer satisfaction. Bausde continues to promote a positive and motivational environment for its employees and all those involved with our diversified metal business.