C87KCSBSR 1010937


C87KCSBSR 1010937

Our cutting tools and blocks are proven in:
• dirt and gravel road maintenance
• hard-packed snow and ice removal
• chip and seal road reclamation
• tar sand road reclamation
• spot asphalt milling
• spreading loose material
• mixing calcium chloride, magnesium
chloride, or other dust suppressants

Pallet Racking Structure


  1. Upright Frame consists of 2 single post, horizontal bracing & diagonal bracing and bolts & nuts to connect them. The structure could give system a stable support. There are 2 or 3 lines of holes on post , the pitch is usually 75mm or 50mm, which make the beam height can be adjustable by 75mm or 50mm freely. Post section have 11-13 face, which increase the loading capacity. Upright Frame is made by rolling and forming machine.


  1. Beam consists of one bar and two beam connectors, beam is made by 2 pieces of profile welding together, which double the thickness of top & bottom side. This maximum the loading capacity under low cost. Safety pins lock into beam to prevent beam from falling down.