Kennametal BR1 BR2 BR3 BR4 RT1 ,RT2, DT50 ,DT87,U7

  • Welding on Teeth
  • Welding on Teeth

Kennametal BR1 BR2 BR3  BR4 RT1 ,RT2, DT50 ,DT87,U7

BR1 /1800063  , BR2 /1858633 , BR3 /1858622  ,BR4 /1858634

General-purpose design for use on all back reamers in all cutting conditions, medium to large back reamers in hard cutting conditions.Go in the RIGHT (or left, up, or down…) direction with our newest directional drilling tools

  • are specifically designed for directional drilling back reamers to protect them from everyday wear in abrasive conditions, thus reducing tool inventory and tool replacement costs
  • feature solid carbide tips and solid steel bodies for superior wear resistance to enhance back reamer tool life
  • provide extra penetration and debris evacuation in all cutting applications
  • RT1 ,RT2, DT50 ,DT87,U7, RJ2